Giấy Dán Tường D&D 65311-2

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840.000  / Cuộn

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Giấy Dán Tường D&D 65311-2

840.000  / Cuộn


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Wallpaper D&D 65311-2 Korean wallpaper is famous in the interior decoration industry because of the quality of paper and textures printed on the surface of all types and schools. The pattern of Korean wallpaper shows multifaceted, from details to overall, from creation to creation, from object to concept, from classical to modern. They are renewed every year and gradually remove old products. Advantages of D&D Wallpaper: Clemastic coating surface Does not fade color. Waterproofing, anti-moss. Scratch resistance . Easily clean the surface with soap, water, and wet towels. Resistant to alkalis, acids . Environmentally friendly, climate, non-toxic. Saving materials. Execute quick, clean . High adhesion to adhesive when applied separately. Detailed images of products:

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